Visa arrangement is participant’s responsibility. 

Participants from the US and Canada, most of Europe and South East Asia may enter Thailand without a visa. The countries that can enter Thailand without a visa are listed at:

Participants from AFRICA (other than South Africa and Ethiopia), Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan will need to obtain a VISA IN ADVANCE from the Thai Embassy designed for their COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. This means that if you are resident outside your own country, you will need to apply to the Thai Embassy designed for the country where you are resident. The conference organizers can provide guidance and documents to help you get a visa, any visa assistance needed, please email to (official email account for the conference) with the subject line ‘Thai Visa for 2019 ANPOR Annual Conference’ and attach a scan of your passport and arrival and departure dates. Please give your country of official residence so that CMU can prepare the right documents and them to the right embassy. You will also require a passport valid for at least 6 months before your travel dates, photos and a copy of your air ticket or electronic ticket. Please contact the royal Thai Consulate or Embassy in your country to confirm the procedure. Please to this immediately. 

For further information about visa to Thailand, please visit website: